2014: The Year of the Beard

I’m not sure whether it was a tribute to the 80s or a glimpse into the future of the quintessential gentleman, but 2014 is now over and it was (for me at least) the year of the beard. Facial hair became a necessity and along with it a range of products for the long, short, straight and curly. 

The Bearded Man Co. is aptly named and unsurprisingly specialises in all things fuzzy. I opted for the unscented version so not to clash with other aromas but if you like to smell a bit more exotic they have a wide range of scents on offer. Even fans of ‘Irish Moss’ (nope, me neither…) are catered for here.

The packaging itself is stereotypically male; no fuss, no fluff, just oil. At this point I should point out that it is a tiny bottle but it should go a long way.

If you’re instruction-ally challenged (myself included) then applying the oil is straightforward enough. A couple of drops into the palm of your hand and then rub onto your beard. Voila! 

The verdict? The Bearded Man Co. have kept it simple but offer a high-quality product. Granted, I am hardly a connoisseur of the beard oil industry, but it works. The oil is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a residue. Your beard will feel softer; think less like sandpaper and more like a well-shampooed grizzly bear. This product is great as a gift, but if you’re sporting a face warmer, get online and spoil yourself!

Unscented Beard Oil – The Bearded Man Company


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