MDFV 2015: Part Four

With our adrenaline still surging from the evening just passed, Sunday on the MDFV trip proved to be a lot more sedate. Pulling up the anchor, our first destination was to be Panormitis Monastery, an important sanctuary established on the…

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MDFV 2015: Part Three

So, to the third morning of our week-long trip. Waking up in Symi harbour, we were greeted by the sun reflecting off the still harbour water as the houses on the hills gradually became increasingly colourful in the ever-intense sunlight.…

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Crosstown Doughnuts

Doughnuts are good. In fact, doughnuts are great. Sure they don’t fit into my everyday diet (the fat-and-sugar-to-protein ratio is slightly off), but on a cheat day there is no better way to indulge a sweet  tooth than with this…

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MDFV 2015: Part Two

With the first two days of our Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage promising so much, it was great to wake up to another perfect morning on day three. The waters were calm and the morning yoga was followed by another delectable…

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